Are you interested in my art, mosaic art, or workshops?  Then you've landed in the right place!

  • Private commissions - email me and I'll reach out and we can chat.

  • Workshops - currently putting together my Winter and Spring schedule. Email me and I'll forward you the workshops and dates.

  • Jennymay creations are available through my galllery on this site, my etsy store and other venues that come up from time to time. (Stay tuned)

  • Supplies, materials, substrates, tools - sign up for my beginner workshop and I'll share all I know!!

Based in beautiful London, Ontario Canada. My home is located in the well established neighbourhood known as Oakridge Acres.  I'm blessed with truly beautiful surroundings with many closeby parks and walking trails almost at my doorstep! Mosy notebly Springbank Park and the Sifton Bog. London's a great place to visit and has a vibrant and growing arts community. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my love of all things mosaic.

I'm fortunate to have the ability to work on my art in my home based studio and now a new location in the ever evolving and diverse Old East Village at the much buzzed about B13 Baker’s Dozen.   My brother in law very generously donated his expertise and time and built me my dream  - a space to create and show my work in!  I'm now working on my Studio Salon a slow and painstaking process of filling a creative space with what "I love" and sharing it with my future visiting artists and workshopee's. My next goal is to create a guest suite for the travelers or visiting mosaic artists.


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Inside B13 - 613 Dundas St.
London, ON   N5W 2Z1