I'm so happy you've popped by to take a look. My name is Jenny May and I’m an emerging mosaic artist who is passionate about everything mosaic.   I'm currently taking steps to grow my art practice by bravely stepping out and sharing my knowledge and love of this incredible art form with members of my community.  

First steps are usually difficult - my daughter (who is a warrior and my hero) recently gave me a journal as a gift - She wrote this quote on the first page:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. " Loa Tzer

I'll be connecting and writing about "my journey" here and on my blog. Stay tuned as there are some exciting developments in the making.  




The Pear


I was incredibly honoured  when my  "Bejeweled Pear" won a juror's choice award at the  2017 Canadian Annual Mosaic Exhibition this past fall.  This creation is truly a labour of bejeweled love that came to me as a lightening bolt of inspiration.  I must confess I was inspired in part by the beautiful and talented Sharra Frank’s Kaplan Pear


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

This mosaic is named for my mother-In -law Rita Miles.  When she had to move into a Continuing Care Facility we cleared out her apartment. I gathered up a few pieces of china and some of her jewelry and other bits to incorporate into my first mosaic. I attended a workshop with a local stained glass artist Lynette Richards … and that was it!!! I was officially obsessed….




My Heart was a fun little project that was done along with some students in a small workshop I taught. It was so much fun and I love the result.

Check out the workshops that I'll be offering this coming spring & summer.


My Story

I began my love affair with mosaic art back in 2008.  I completed my first ever mosaic, "Rita" and I was hooked. I decided I had to find out more about the art form and quickly learned that mosaic art has been around practically forever.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn and I realized - Hey, this is amazing!

I'm still learning and will always be working on becoming the best I can be at my chosen art form.  I have worked long hours in my studio honing my skills. I’ve read countless books on the subject (I will have an entire web page dedicated to my favorites); traveled to various places in the US and Canada to learn from accomplished mosaic artists. Attended the annual SAMA Conference – my fifth was in Detroit, MI  in May 2017  and although I missed Boston  2018 I hope I'll make to  the SAMA 2019 conference. Being a member of SAMA has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much - I can’t tell you what an absolute thrill it is!  Check it out... a wonderful opportunity to meet a welcoming, loving and creative community of artists.

I’ve had the privilege of taking a number of workshops over the years and plan to take many more... there is always something to learn. 

My first commission and largest project so far… A 3’ x 5’ triptych. My intention was to use caste off materials from the building site of my client’s new home and incorporate them into a mosaic.  Tiger granite stone, porcelain tile, black stones – tying in other central elements of the design – mirror,  glass and the stunning copper bursts.